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Rendering speed

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Hey Im currently working on an engine for a space-combat-sim. Im at the point where its actually beginning to look like something and i wanted to see how many triangles i could render per frame at an acceptable framerate. I made a setup with a single lightsource and a planet (textured sphere) made up of triangles. With a minimum 35 fps the maximum amount of triangles i could render per frame was around 10000 (with linear filtering and smooth shading). I dont think thats a whole lot, but im not sure actually. My system: PII 400 256 MB RAM Voodoo 3 3000 16 MB My question is how much performance (how many triangles or whatever) i can expect from a decently optimized engine ? Thanks in advance.

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You can do that :

Only display the polygons that the viewer can see.

Don''t display the polygons behind the viewer.

Only draw the things that are in front of you.

Sorry for my english, I''m belgian

Leyder Dylan

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Just make a little test app. Do something like the pseudo-code below.

triangleCounter = 0;
endTime = startTime = GetTime();

while(endTime - startTime < someTime)
endTime = GetTime();

trianglesPerSecond = triangleCounter/someTime;

Now you know the max number of triangles per second your system can push. Divide that by 30 to find out how many triangles you can render in a frame if you want to run at 30fps.

You can do this with lighting enabled, alpha enabled, a bunch of transformations etc, etc enabled and watch the frame rate drop.

Somebody, correct me if I'm wrong but I think Quake pushes about 2-3k triangles per frame.

I don't know about you, but I'm not John Carmack. So gauge your progress in relation to that.

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