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Nvida mailing problems (again)

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Hey there! Thanx for the help with the missing letter Still, I have problems getting in touch with nvidia... The mail is now successfully sent, but they haven''t replied (it''s been 3 weeks now),.. Perhaps Im mailing to the wrong "section", but I can''t find any other adress. Thankful for any help! /Fredrik Olsson

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Perhaps you could try posting to the OpenGL Game Dev. Mailing list. (link on I''ve seen Nvidia people on there before.

I really don''t know much about contacting them myself - what are you asking?

Brett Porter
PortaLib3D : A portable 3D game/demo libary for OpenGL

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I'm having some trouble compiling the "Cool Shadowing Effect" Cass Evitt wrote, he is working for nvidia now, so since I couldn't reach him at, im trying to get in touch with nvidia...

When I try to compile the files from "" i get 77 errors,
starting with:

main.cpp(32) : error C2501: 'texture_env_combine' : missing decl-specifiers
main.cpp(32) : error C2239: unexpected token 'identifier' following declaration of 'texture_env_combine'
main.cpp(32) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'shadow0'
main.cpp(210) : error C2065: 'init_GL_ARB_multitexture' : undeclared identifier

So I figured there might be a missing file or something...

Thats a summary of my question....

Thank you for your time
/Fredrik Olsson

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