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Unity ODE demo with freeglut or Directx 9

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Hi All For the past few days, I have been doing ALL I could to search for a single completed demo on ODE using freeglut or Directx9 in a Visual studio 2008 project. I am very extremely depressed since I have found NONE on Internet. Now, I have become very extremely DESPERATE. I would even pay to have such demo with complete source code. Please, if anyone is interested, we can talk about it. I can offer payment in exchange for your hard work. It is a good opportunity for anyone who like to practice and at the same time earn some payment from it. The requirments are as follows: -MUST be a Visual Studio 2008 project that can be built perfectly without any errors or warnings (please includes ALL DLL, LIB and Header files) -Must be a phsyics demo with a 4-wheels-two-axes-car that can be driven around, the ground must be uneven, so that the car pumps up and down when being driven. There should be bricks that piled up, and when the car hits the piled up bricks, they collapse -Must be written in C++ -Must use DirectX 9 or the latest version of freeglut -Must have easy-to-follow-comment for learning my email:

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