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function pointers class and xml

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Hy. I would read an xml with sax and parse it. This xml have IDs and Refs string attribute and if is a id some data. The refs are related with the id. in practice i would process all the id fill they(have some primitives vars)from the xml and i would replace the refs with the related filled id. Now i created some classes that have the xml structure(the data and the refs) of the id and refs , because an id can be: this is an id: <IfcWallStandardCase id="i1705"> <GlobalId>211JbZETT979Gd3O5MEDvu</GlobalId> <OwnerHistory> <IfcOwnerHistory xsi:nil="true" ref="i1568"/> </OwnerHistory> <Name>Wall-002</Name> <ObjectPlacement> <IfcLocalPlacement xsi:nil="true" ref="i1702"/> </ObjectPlacement> <Representation> <IfcProductDefinitionShape id="i1771"> <Representations ex:cType="list"> <IfcShapeRepresentation pos="0" xsi:nil="true" ref="i1739"/> <IfcShapeRepresentation pos="1" xsi:nil="true" ref="i1766"/> </Representations> </IfcProductDefinitionShape> </Representation> </IfcWallStandardCase> that have a related class CIfcWallStandardCase with all the data. and this is a ref related to the id <IfcWallStandardCase xsi:nil="true" ref="i1705"/> <IfcRelContainedInSpatialStructure id="i16070"> <GlobalId>0Sf6h5xh9E3g1zOZLdpyCE</GlobalId> <OwnerHistory> <IfcOwnerHistory xsi:nil="true" ref="i1568"/> </OwnerHistory> <name>name</name> <description>description</description> <Name>BuildingStoreyContainer</Name> <Description>BuildingStoreyContainer for Building Elements</Description> <RelatedElements ex:cType="set"> <IfcWallStandardCase pos="0" xsi:nil="true" ref="i1705"/><----<------------------------<--------------------<------------<-- also have the same class but is in another id class with different type as reference . for ex: Class RelatedBuilding{ CIfcWallStandardCase * refWallStandardCase; . . . } now i would set this reference with the id filled reference for resolve the ref. The problem is that i have a lot of classes and ids and for each class i must define a set refxxxx. Is bad!!! I would crate an automatism like this: bool CRelContainedInSpatialStructure::GetData(wstring tag, wstring value, int pos, CBaseIfc** pIfcValue, CBaseIfc** pVar) { if( { m_bHasData = false; return false; } if("Name") == 0) m_Name = value; else if("Description") == 0) m_Description = value; if("IfcWallStandardCase") == 0){ void (CRelContainedInSpatialStructure::*my_memfunc_ptr)(CWallStandardCaseIfc*, int); my_memfunc_ptr = &CRelContainedInSpatialStructure::SetWalls; } void CRelContainedInSpatialStructure::SetWalls(CWallStandardCaseIfc* pwall, int pos) { m_pCIfcWallsStandardCases[pos] = pwall; } i call this function from the xml parsers and i get the tags related to the class and i would pass the mymemfunc_ptr out of the function. now i would insert the mymemberfunc in a map : mapIds[id] =my_memfunc_ptr and when i find a ref i call the function in the map like: (mapIds[id])(wallfilled) i would call the setfunctionxxx of this class for the id and set the id. How i can implement this? Advice ?

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