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Tom Backton

OpenGL Dummy RC & Dummy Window

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http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=555201 Okay...you're right. I'm removing questions that I haven't researched...the ones below are ones I'm asking because I can't find a clear answer after reading tutorials and specifications. I'm sorry if my previous topic offended someone...I really didn't mean to. I didn't mean "my time is not worth wasting so I'm making you waste yours instead". I really meant I hardly have time to program. I have very limited access to the internet and when I do use it, it usually fails to open the opengl specifications and many other files I need because it's so slow...creating a simple OpenGL experiment program (which can give me answers to some questions) can take a whole month in total. I have access to all my papers only on weekends and not every weekend... 1. Dummy Context I read some code examples of OpenGL and window initialization with WinAPI and WGL. Some of them (including the OpenGL Wiki) re-create the window, while others only re-create the rendering context on a single window. So I'm not sure...Does the one-wglGetProcAddress()-per-window rule true for all versions of Windows? (I have to go now...my time is up. Maybe I'll add questions next time)

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