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How to traverse trough all geoms in ODE space

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The space has only static geometry (geoms with no bodies). How to loop trough all geoms? This code doesn't render anything:
void physics_render()
    const dReal *realPos;
    const dReal *realRot;
    GLfloat matrix[16];
    dGeomID geomID;
    glDisable( GL_LIGHTING );
    glDisable( GL_TEXTURE_2D );
    glDisable( GL_DEPTH_TEST );
    glDisable( GL_ALPHA_TEST );
    glPolygonMode( GL_FRONT_AND_BACK, GL_LINE );
    glColor3f( 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f );

    for( geomID=dGeomGetBodyNext((dGeomID)globals.physics.map_space); geomID != 0; geomID=dGeomGetBodyNext((dGeomID)globals.physics.map_space) )

        // get data
        realPos = dGeomGetPosition( geomID );
        realRot = dGeomGetRotation( geomID );

        // create a matrix
        matrix[0]=  realRot[0];
        matrix[1]=  realRot[4];
        matrix[2]=  realRot[8];
        matrix[3]=  0.0f;
        matrix[4]=  realRot[1];
        matrix[5]=  realRot[5];
        matrix[6]=  realRot[9];
        matrix[7]=  0.0f;
        matrix[8]=  realRot[2];
        matrix[9]=  realRot[6];
        matrix[10]= realRot[10];
        matrix[11]= 0.0f;
        matrix[12]= realPos[0]; // x position
        matrix[13]= realPos[1]; // y pos
        matrix[14]= realPos[2]; // z pos
        matrix[15]= 1.0f;

        // multiply the current modelview matrix with this one
        glMultMatrixf( (const GLfloat *) &matrix );
        int type = dGeomGetClass( geomID );
        dVector3 size;
        float rad, len;

        switch( type )
            case dBoxClass:
                dGeomBoxGetLengths( geomID, size );
                draw_box( size[0], size[1], size[2] );

            case dCylinderClass:
                dGeomCylinderGetParams( geomID, &rad, &len );
                draw_cylinder( rad, len );

            case dSphereClass:
                rad = dGeomSphereGetRadius( geomID );
                draw_sphere( rad );

            case dCapsuleClass:
                dGeomCapsuleGetParams( geomID, &rad, &len );
                draw_capsule( rad, len );

                fprintf( stderr, "TODO: rendering code for uknown ODE geometry @ physics.c:physics_render()\n" );

The problem is, that the for-loop is never executed.

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