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OpenGL please i need a opengl help

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Hi to all hre guys, i´m new .well i have a question...i was looking gfor a source of a program called cxbx is a xbox emulator...well this emu use d3d8 libraries ..and uses d3d8types..well uses vertexbuffer, vertexshadders, convert.h here: <http://cxbx.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cxbx/branches/private/shogun/wip/src/CxbxKrnl/EmuD3D8/< here is the emu3dtypes : http://cxbx.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cxbx/branches/private/shogun/wip/src/CxbxKrnl/EmuD3D8Types.h?revision=144&view=markup and like you can see uses the same format of d3d8types.h example: ifndef EMUD3D8TYPES_H 35 #define EMUD3D8TYPES_H 36 37 // include direct3d 8x headers 38 #define DIRECT3D_VERSION 0x0800 39 #include <d3d8.h> 40 #include <d3dx8tex.h> 41 #include <d3d8types.h> 42 43 // TODO: fill out these enumeration tables for convienance 44 typedef DWORD X_D3DFORMAT; 45 typedef DWORD X_D3DBLENDOP; 46 typedef DWORD X_D3DBLEND; 47 typedef DWORD X_D3DCMPFUNC; 48 typedef DWORD X_D3DFILLMODE; 49 typedef DWORD X_D3DSHADEMODE; 50 typedef DWORD X_D3DTEXTURESTAGESTATETYPE; 51 typedef PVOID X_D3DCALLBACK; all this are in d3d8types...well i want make the same but in opengl at least a only effect...the differences at emu3d8types at d3d8types is the object X_ and _X_ that represent a like a character of xbox headers, and DWORD..(means like a multithread) ..i thinks that it is for xbe.h or something like this..well d3d8 uses this: Primitives supported by draw-primitive API 54 typedef enum D3DPRIMITIVETYPE, D3DRESOURCETYPE, D3DDISPLAYMODE ..etc how can i make the same in opengl for this program???? or if i want some 3d effects of opengl only one ...how can i included??? if you can help me i´ll be so greatefull : ) lol here are all that you need to know http://cxbx.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cxbx/branches/private/shogun/wip/src/CxbxKrnl/ the point is make a opengl out...no matter if can be mixed with emud3d8.h... this project was maded in visual 2008, sdk8.1 and microsoft platfform 2003 uses opendk and sdk8.1 libraries of course..

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