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track-ball rotation

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Hi, Have you used the trackball rotation? Here''s a part from the code... /* * Ok, simulate a track-ball. Project the points onto the virtual * trackball, then figure out the axis of rotation, which is the cross * product of P1 P2 and O P1 (O is the center of the ball, 0,0,0) * Note: This is a deformed trackball-- is a trackball in the center, * but is deformed into a hyperbolic sheet of rotation away from the * center. This particular function was chosen after trying out * several variations. * * It is assumed that the arguments to this routine are in the range * (-1.0 ... 1.0) */ void trackball(double q[4], double p1x, double p1y, double p2x, double p2y) { double a[3]; /* Axis of rotation */ double phi; /* how much to rotate about axis */ double p1[3], p2[3], d[3]; double t; if (p1x == p2x && p1y == p2y) { /* Zero rotation */ vzero(q); q[3] = 1.0; return; } /* * First, figure out z-coordinates for projection of P1 and P2 to * deformed sphere */ vset(p1,p1x,p1y,tb_project_to_sphere(TRACKBALLSIZE,p1x,p1y)); vset(p2,p2x,p2y,tb_project_to_sphere(TRACKBALLSIZE,p2x,p2y)); /* * Now, we want the cross product of P1 and P2 */ vcross(p2,p1,a); /* * Figure out how much to rotate around that axis. */ vsub(p1,p2,d); t = vlength(d) / (2.0*TRACKBALLSIZE); /* * Avoid problems with out-of-control values... */ if (t > 1.0) t = 1.0; if (t < -1.0) t = -1.0; phi = 2.0 * asin(t); axis_to_quat(a,phi,q); } How can I change the rotation center? (in the code is (0,0,0)). I''ve tried to make the cross product like ----> ----------> P1 P2 x MyCenter P1 = a where P1 P2 is the vector given by the two points P1 and P2, and MyCenter P1 is the vector given by the points MyCenter and P1. Doesn''t work... :-| any ideas? Thank you all!!!!

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