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Contents for a Game Developing Course...

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Hey there I work in a CG school and we are planning to start a Game Developing Course sometime late next year, so at this point I am trying to figure out the contents, resources, staff.. everything it may require.... so as you can imagine i first come here to post the initial course structure...... we can run a maximum of 20 units and every unit will be 12 lessons, delivered in 12 weeks (one lesson a week) so here are my question: 1. Would you suggest to have 4 or 5 days per week? 2. We can have 3 or 4 hours per lesson, which one would you suggest? 3. Following is the very first draft contents me and my colleague have put together, what are your thoughts about it? what else can we add? what should be removed or changed? * Flash Development - 3 units * 3D Content Development (Maya or Max, which one would suite us better) - 4 units * Maths for Game Programming - 1 unit * C++ Object Oriented Programming - 2 units * Direct X (openGL) Programming - 3 units * Game Engine Study (Unreal Engine or do you suggest something else?) - 3 units * Mobile Phone Application (Game) Programming (iPhone or ""?) - 2 units * Cuda Programming - 2 units * Python Programming - 2 units I's appreciate it, if people with game programming/ development, specially those with teaching experience in these matters would voice their opinions and give me their suggestions... thx

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Is a unit like a credit hour then? That is what it sounds like.

My first though is that wow, these classes are all over the place. It is almost all programming with a smidgeon of graphics thrown in there. You said that you're with a CG school, so does this mean that the students are taking art related classes in other parts of their curriculum then?

* Flash Development - 3 units

Is this like animating with Flash or does it include Actionscripting or ?

* 3D Content Development (Maya or Max, which one would suite us better) - 4 units

Neither package I think would really better suite you as they're both "standards" and many studios will use both. The important thing is to get your students to buckle down and learn one of them thoroughly. Only one course here seems really strange to me. Are students expected to learn high and low poly modelling, texturing, rigging, and animation in one course?

* Maths for Game Programming - 1 unit

I suppose this is a general game development curriculum, but compared to Computer Science only a single credit math class is really, really light.

* C++ Object Oriented Programming - 2 units

For a game development curriculum that is pretty heavy on the tech side, a 2 credit C++ course seems really odd.

* Direct X (openGL) Programming - 3 units

Which one? If you are going to have an iPhone development class it'd be useful to teach OpenGL here.

* Game Engine Study (Unreal Engine or do you suggest something else?) - 3 units

Are students going to just be studying the engine or actually using it to make games? For academic purposes of engine architecture, Unreal isn't the best option, because you don't have any access to the engine source. id Tech 4 ought to be going open source in 2010, but I'm not sure when you're intending on starting this curriculum.

* Mobile Phone Application (Game) Programming (iPhone or ""?) - 2 units

There is a lot that can be done here, from Objective C with the iPhone to JME or BREW with all sorts of cellphones.

* Cuda Programming - 2 units

Sounds cool.

* Python Programming - 2 units

Is this teaching the basics of Python? You have three different language classes here - C++, CUDA, and Python. If you are going to have a Python classes then I would suggest focusing it towards say working with PyMel in Maya or tools and pipeline related development.

Are any of these classes going to be group focused? That is pretty important - getting students from different disciplines working together.

You're kind of all over the place with this curriculum. At the very least I'd suggest splitting it into an artist track and a programmer tracks.

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here is a bit more details about the course, we are going to run a 2 years Game Development Course, which will be in six trimesters, every trimester is 12 weeks of study, so over all there is 36 weeks of study per year, 10 weeks project based. This will carry on for 2 years so eventually you have 70 weeks of study, which is between 280 to 350 lessons, and 20 weeks of project.

We are thinking to run the course as 5 days a week (given that every day of the week will make one unit for us) this way we can have 30 units throughout the 2 years, we have 10 units that come from our head quarters, such as principals of the game design, and game dev pipeline, mainly theory lessons. [which we can not change]

The other 20 units are what i need to figure out.. mainly i am to find out the number of units we assign to them, about a lot of my units you haven't exactly agreed with my proposal but you haven't written yours either, if you were to dispatch this 20 units, how would you do it?

More units for Math?
More on C++?
Our Flash by the way is basically purely actionScript, I am thinking to use this as one of our building block programming introductions and also for the immediate market that students can get into.
I agree with you about Python and putting it as an implemented scripting for Maya or....

As for Unreal.... I know that they have recently released their SDK, doesn't that mean we have access to all of it? I know we don't have the source code, but wouldn't it be useful for afresh graduate to claim he know a popular Engine very well to get his first job?

Thanks for your reply..
at this point we are really open to suggestions, so please keep them coming in .....

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This is off-topic in the For Beginners forum. Moving to Your Announcements, since there isn't a forum for Questions From Educators. Maybe another mod will find a better place for it.

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