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search contact with good knowledge in 2D/3D

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Hello ! Actually, I''m working with 45 others members on a project called CPCNG. Our aim is to build our own computer based on eZ80 chip with specific chip for sound and gfx. This is for fun and the computer will be enterely free (it''s not a commercial project). Why post I here ? Because I need help to create the Gfx risc chip. So I search people with a good knowledge in 2D/3D functions to help us to implement a lots of functions in it. Ths most important is to do a "fun" chip to program. So we want to know what we must add in the chip hardware : which kind of functions ? Have you specific/original idea ? We could imagine a chip esay to program with powerfull functions in hard to develop free game... Cheers, cricri_ng

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