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hi, i'm looking for an open-source c++ library that would generate phenomes and timing from a wav file. I need this to animate and lip-sync my game characters. There's facefx, which seems to have everything. It takes care of face animation too. I must admit, that title list of games which used facefx is impressive - However it's not open-sourced and it's not free. There's also Annosoft. Beside their paid version, they released free version based on microsoft speech api - And that's about it... i found some japanese speech recognition engine "Julius" which seems to have phenome generator, but i don't how to use it and learning to do it will probably take a lot of time and good results are not guaranteed. The only thing i found about "Julius" is that i have to run it with -palign option to get phenomes, but there's more to it... especially preparing Acoustic Model. Please share any experience with lip-syncing. How do you do this in your games? Do you write it from scratch or are there some tools i couldn't find? Maybe some free game engines have lip-sync build in? [Edited by - boogen on December 8, 2009 4:43:14 AM]

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