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Music Player

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Hi Guys, Been a while, back with another problem :) I've made a music player and I've run into some trouble in actually playing the music after the play list has been set up. Form2 is the player, I just want it to take an array of paths to songs ("C:\Path\To\File\Song.mp3") Here is the code I've got, it's written in Visual Basic and uses the AxWindowsMediaPlayer Control...
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Reflection

Public Class Form2

    ' this just takes a list of song paths ("C:\Users\You\Music\Woo.mp3", "C:\Users\You\Music\Wooooaaaa.mp3") etc.

    Sub Initiate_Songs(ByRef Songs() As String)

        AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.settings.autoStart = True

        Dim i As Integer = 0

        While i < Songs.Length And Songs(i) <> ""

            AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = Songs(i)

            While AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.playState = WMPLib.WMPPlayState.wmppsPlaying
            End While

            i = i + 1

        End While

    End Sub

End Class
Here are the problems... It only plays some mp3 files, some it just doesn't play anything (there is no "connecting" and the song doesn't start... no errors shown... If it does play the song, it won't play the next one... I want it to force the computer to shut down after it's finished playing the songs (no Confirm box, just turns the computer off) and I don't know how to implement that... Can anyone help? Thanks, NuclearCarnage

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Rather than spinning in a loop waiting for the playstate to change, you should just handle the PlayStateChange event.

You should also probably have a handler for the MediaError event. This should give you an idea of why certain media items don't work.

You could potentially just queue up your mp3s into wmp's playlist (see AxWindowsMediaPlayer.currentPlaylist) and let it do the work of transitioning between files.

To shutdown windows, you'll need to p/invoke ExitWindowsEx

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