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Problems getting my first app to work.

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It could be the 3d drivers if it really says "oodoo" driver....

If that's just a typo make sure your also selecting HAL mode for the vodoo video card.


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Ok, I just received PR 3.0 and I installed it.

I have VC++ 5.0. I made sure that I put the proper include and lib directories in VC++ options.

I started a new win32 app project and I added the following file to the project: devdlg.c, devdlg.rc and winutils.c. I also have made sure that under project in the link section I have all the necessary lib files ddraw.lib dinput.lib dxguid.lib pr.lib prgui.lib winmm.lib then what I did is was created my own c file and copied ex02 exactly as is!

The app compiles fine no erors.

Here is the problem.
I run the app and I get the 3d Device configuration box....
I have to video cards an ATI Xpert @ Play and 3D blaster Voodoo2.

Now if I leave the direct Draw driver to Primary Display Driver and click start I getthis msg"Software rendering is not supported by power renderer 3.0"

If I go choose my Voodoo2 driver the first thing I notice also is that instead of saying Voodoo2 Directx6 driver (fxV2) it says odoo2 Directx6 driver (fxV2), So when I click on that driver I get "DirectDrawCreate Failed"

You guys have any ideas.

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Problem was fixed! Thanx anyways.

The problem was compiler configuration.

I had to byt aline the structures in the project settinsg and also add the MSDD define ine the settings.

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