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Direct x with Bloodshed Dev C++

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Hi.... I use dev C++ and I guess direct x works fine (I did a simple test) but when I tried to use some windows libraries it doesnt work. At first this was because I guess they werent there (Actually they might be except they are in the .aef file format I guess and it still wont recognize it...). I went to the cmd line borland libraries and got the .lib files from there, but it still wont work. I know this is kind of obscure I''ll try to get you the exact compilation error messages but thier all linker problmes and no they arent the -fvtable-thunks or whatever I figured that out early. If anybody here has used this compiler (Bloodshed DEV-C++) with direct x, paticularly direct3d then pleas help. Anouther note I'' learning direct3d from Begining direct3d game programming if that helps at all. Thank you any help would be appreciated

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