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Real Time Rendering or Game Programming Gems

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Both!... but if you really have to make a choice...

GP Gems is more a collection of specific solutions to specific problems from across game development - from AI to memory managers to shadow techniqes etc. Useful if you''ve already implemented the specific topics or are about to and want to see someone elses perspective/solution to the problem. Will also give you a few ideas you may not have had.

Realtime Rendering is a really good book - the authors have looked at whats happening in graphics and pulled together what can be done in realtime and provides a rough overview of how to do it (although not in-depth - but it does give you the references to do further research into any area which interests you). Of all the "overview of maths for graphics" chapters I''ve seen in print, the ones in here are by far my favourite.

For generality, assuming you have already seen/bought/evaluated the other standard texts (Computer Graphics Principles & Practice etc), Realtime Rendering gets my vote. But I do have both books - they''re both useful in very different ways.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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