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Real time grid based movement

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I''m working on a system that uses pausable realtime on a grid based system (XCOM IV-like is probably the best analogy). Can anyone make any recommendations for how to make this look smooth. I.e., I don''t want a character to just run in place at the center of a square and then suddenly pop into the center of the square he was running to. I want the movement to appear smooth so that the user might not be aware that there was even a grid being used. Any ideas for this? Is it possible to keep the smoothness while still using a grid based system? Onnel

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Guest Anonymous Poster

Just keep track of finer positionion in your character class. Use float (or fixed point if you like that sort of thing) instead of int for keeping track of his grid position. Then just interpolate his position over however many frames a move/walk sequence is.

So, his position over time, if moving from 2,2 to 2,3, would look like:

t=0 p=(2.0, 2.0)
t=1 p=(2.0, 2.2)
t=2 p=(2.0, 2.4)
t=3 p=(2.0, 2.6)
t=4 p=(2.0, 2.8)
t=5 p=(2.0, 3.0)

Or am I misunderstanding the question?

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Yeah I agree interpolate it so you move the sprite or whatever so much so many frames or if you want a cheap fix and movement like they did in Final Fantasy such as character moves one tile at a time you could if you have something like 32 x 32 height and width for each tile (psuedo code)

if(player.x % 32) // not fully on a tile in processing of moving

else do whatever player is on tile waiting

Also the post above has a good way of doing it too keeping track that is but I''ve never really played xcom that much so I''m probably missing the question oh well no harm in posting

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Thanks for the replies. good info and it should work perfectly. I had something like that in mind and just wanted to make sure I wasn''t missing a better way.



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