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Chris, ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Levious    122
The BSP (PBS) that I have started to create doesnt exactly work properly, whenever I move the BSP (PBS) file away from the camera parts of it disappear and sometimes even the entirity. Perhaps I should send it to you? I know this is something I am doing with the level as yours works alright.

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ChrisE    184
To view a BSP from outside properly you must have it surrounded by a hollowed out box. Any other shape will not work.

There is also a global variable that affects how this works:
PR_REAL BSP_Projection = 0.5;

When you are completely outside a BSP, it projects the camera just inside the bounding box of the first BSP node. This tricks the visibility system into thinking the camera is actually inside the hollowed out box, to give the PVS code a valid starting location. The BSP_Projection value is how many units to push the projected point inwards. It must be great enough to pass through the thickness of hollowed out box.

To create mine I used the built in hollow function of Q3Radiant.


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