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error: TXT_DONT_SUPPORT_TYPE_s_BY_VAL was not declared in this scope

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Trying to compile v2.18 (SVN) into my game to avoid needing an additional lib file. This is on Linux 64bit using Codeblocks. Compiling gives me this error:
||=== baseCode, Debug ===|
/src/script/as_callfunc.cpp||In function ‘int PrepareSystemFunction(asCScriptFunction*, asSSystemFunctionInterface*, asCScriptEngine*)’:|

/src/script/as_callfunc.cpp|301|error: ‘TXT_DONT_SUPPORT_TYPE_s_BY_VAL’ was not declared in this scope|
||=== Build finished: 1 errors, 0 warnings ===|
Doing a grep on the src tree doesn't show up the value of TXT_DONT_SUPPORT_TYPE_s_BY_VAL anywhere?
<prompt>/Linux/AngelScript_2.18.0$ grep -r -i TXT_DONT_SUPPORT_TYPE_s_BY_VAL .
./angelscript/source/as_callfunc.cpp:	str.Format(TXT_DONT_SUPPORT_TYPE_s_BY_VAL, func->parameterTypes[n].GetObjectType()->name.AddressOf());
I've copied all the source files from the SVN source directory into my project, and have added them all - but I can't see where TXT_DONT_SUPPORT_TYPE_s_BY_VAL is defined anywhere. Thanks

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Oops. I was cleaning up the unused text strings in as_texts.h, and unfortunately I missed that this was still used on different platforms. The original define was:

#define TXT_DONT_SUPPORT_TYPE_s_BY_VAL "Don't support passing type '%s' by value to application"

I'll add it again. Thanks for alerting me.

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