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3ds fps camera

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Hello everybody I`ve created this camera class which should resemble an fps style camera. I want the character to be able to view up-down (pitch) and rotate around the y-axis (roll) for start. This is the code i`m using
  void CCamera::MoveCamera(float amount)
   CVector3 dir = m_view - m_pos;	// direction of movement
   dir.Normal();					// normalize direction vector

   // Move the camera.
	m_pos += dir * amount;

   // Move the view along with the position.
    m_view += dir * amount;

void CCamera::RotateCamera(float angle, float X, float Y, float Z)
   float ca = (float)cos(angle);
   float sa = (float)sin(angle);

	// Get direction.
	CVector3 dir = m_view - m_pos;

   CVector3 dir2;

	// Calculate the new X position.
	dir2.x = (ca + (1 - ca) * X) * dir.x;
	dir2.x += ((1 - ca) * X * Y - Z * sa)* dir.y;
	dir2.x += ((1 - ca) * X * Z + Y * sa) * dir.z;

	// Calculate the new Y position.
	dir2.y = ((1 - ca) * X * Y + Z * sa) * dir.x;
	dir2.y += (ca + (1 - ca) * Y) * dir.y;
	dir2.y += ((1 - ca) * Y * Z - X * sa) * dir.z;

	// Calculate the new Z position.
	dir2.z = ((1 - ca) * X * Z - Y * sa) * dir.x;
	dir2.z += ((1 - ca) * Y * Z + X * sa) * dir.y;
	dir2.z += (ca + (1 - ca) * Z) * dir.z;

	// Apply to view.
	m_view = m_pos + dir2;

I use the RotateCamera in my game loop to make the character look up-down according to the mouse movement. Like this...
curPoint = g_InputSystem->GetMousePos();
   int xDelta = curPoint.x - oldPoint.x;
   int yDelta = curPoint.y - oldPoint.y;
   oldPoint = curPoint;

   if (xDelta != 0) 
	   g_camera.RotateCamera(xDelta * 0.01f, 0, 1, 0); // rotate around y-axis
   if (yDelta != 0)
	   g_camera.RotateCamera(yDelta * 0.01f, 0, 0, 1);	// rotate around z-axis
   //g_camera.Pitch(yDelta * 0.2f);
the problem is that after some rotating the when I move forward-backward the camera starts flying around or below the ground. I want it to stay on the ground and just be able to look at the sky or below. Is my code totally off? thx, in advance George

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CVector3 dir = m_view - m_pos;
m_pos += dir * amount;

I think, here:

CVector3 dir2 = CVector3(dir.x, 0, dir.z);
m_pos += dir2 * amount;

or after "m_pos += dir * amount;"

m_pos.y = 0; //or s.e.

Because in the "dir" vector3, the 'y' value isn't 0, so your camera will go up/down.
But this is just one idea.

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I need one more thing. I want to implement a strafe method. In my camera class I store the following vectors

CVector3 m_pos;
CVector3 m_view;
CVector3 m_up;

Now in order or strafe I need to calculate the m_right vector. I know that the cross product of two vectors gives me a perpendicular one which is just what I need. I tried using the cross product of m_pos and m_view but it doesn`t work very well. Any ideas as to how I can calculate the m_right vector?

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You need to use the cross product of your view and up vectors, not your position vector. Depending on the order of parameters passed too your cross product function you will get either a right or a left vector. The cross oduct of yz =x,
so the cross product of your up and view vectors will give you a vector pointing into your x+ direction.

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