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C# and Visual Studio - want to create a new tab at runtime

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Hi I am using VS2008 and C# and wirting for win32. My little home project program has until now run in 1 form, with a big "calcuate" button at the top. now that I have everything working (it actually calculates something - win!), I need to display the results of my calculation. I want to do this by creating a new tab, switching to it and populating it with info now held in a class which was instantiated and populated during the "calculate" step, plus some other UI elements. I would like to keep the old form available as a tab because I may want to go back and look at the parameteres I shose, or if I'm really lucky have my "calculate" button now become a "reset" button which returns the program to it's first-run state (that later though). Can anyone point me in the directin of a resource which could help me along with my tab creation, or maybe even post some basic example code if you're feeling festive? Thanks

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