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[C#, WinForms] Window Z-Ordering

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Hi guys, hopefully a QQ. I have a windows form project, that i have been working on for some time. It consists of a main UI (a winForm) and UI Elements(Buttons Etc.) On some of these Buttons it opens a new Windows form. Used for creating new elements and adding them to a Dictionary<,> etc. However, when a new WindowsForm is opened I cannot click on the parent window. This is a problem I need to overcome. E.g. On my Main Windows Form I have a XNA Graphics Display. This draws a 2D Tile map using int[,] and I have some input function which allow me to know which tile I am currently hovering over. I use another Windows Form to create an Action Element this requires a Position on the tile map and I would like the to be able to click on the map and automatically retreive this position. So i want to know. While i have a Child Window open how do i click on the parent Window? (sorry if this is a little hard to read, I had 5m internet time to write and post this)

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