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XNA - alpha blend not working but alpha test does

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Just started on a little project, all I want for now is to draw a textured quad on top of what ever is on screen. When I use alpha blending nothing happens, I get every part of my texture visible. When I use alpha test then everything looks correct. This is all pretty simple I know so I must be over looking somehting very basic, any ideas what? My render method:
public void Render(GraphicsDevice graphicsDevice)
            graphicsDevice.VertexDeclaration = m_VertexDecl;
            /*graphicsDevice.RenderState.AlphaTestEnable = true;
            graphicsDevice.RenderState.AlphaFunction = CompareFunction.GreaterEqual;
            graphicsDevice.RenderState.ReferenceAlpha = 127;*/
            graphicsDevice.RenderState.AlphaBlendEnable = true;
            graphicsDevice.RenderState.AlphaSourceBlend = Blend.SourceAlpha;
            graphicsDevice.RenderState.AlphaDestinationBlend = Blend.InverseSourceAlpha;

            m_Effect.View = ViewMatrix;
            m_Effect.Projection = ProjectionMatrix;

            foreach (EffectPass pass in m_Effect.CurrentTechnique.Passes)

                    vertices, 0, 4,
                    indices, 0, 2);

The only other thing going on is clearing the color just before calling this method. The effect is just BasicEffect. Thanks.

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