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Unity iphone game development

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hi to all.. i am new to iphone development. presently i am developing a game for iphone , in my game , i have to dispaly some sprites in a tiled manner in a view like 3x4 matrix position . which are to be start animation one after another . these animated sprites have to wait for player's tap (touch). in this game , one of the sprite instance completes the animation , with out any user tap on it , i have to found that event and have to finish the game. then how can i found ....the sprite animation is completed or not with out any tap on it ? if the player ,taps on the sprite before its animation completion , then i have to add score to that player and , have to start another sprite's animation , which is in the same view. this is the game i want to develop... i think you all understand what my game is. can any body give me ad idea , that how can i approach to this game. which api i have to use , core animation or open gles or any special game ingine like cocos2d ,oolong, unity3d ...etc. i am confused about these api usage ,which api i have to use , or my game can develop with out a game engine support ? can i develop this as a View based appliaction ? please suggest , how can i develop the issues in my game. give me some high level inforamtion of way to complete my game . i am new to iphone development.. thats why i asked like this. your response is valuble to me . I know I'm asking a lot, but any info would be really appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Ok, i can think of 2 approaches for you.

  • Use a game engine: You can use a game engine in order to develop the game, this is fast and easy because you dont have to worry about low level code (graphics, input, system, time, etc). You can use Shiva (free for non comercial) or Unity3D (Not free for Iphone)

  • Use an Iphone API: This is complicated and takes more time, but this way you have ALL control of what how your application works, plus its more flexible, in a Mac use the official Iphone SDK, and for windows user DragonFire

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As an extension to what fladur mentioned about game engines, you may want to look into the iPhone versions of Torque2D and 3D.
Far more expensive than the Basic Unity3D package (seems to be cheaper than the Avanced Unity package, although I'm a little confused over Torque's pricing) but you may decide it's worth the extra cost.
I have used neither so I couldn't recomend either one to you. Just throwing it out there so you can make a descision yourself.

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Original post by diablos_blade
As an extension to what fladur mentioned about game engines, you may want to look into the iPhone versions of Torque2D and 3D.
Far more expensive than the Basic Unity3D package (seems to be cheaper than the Avanced Unity package, although I'm a little confused over Torque's pricing) but you may decide it's worth the extra cost.
I have used neither so I couldn't recomend either one to you. Just throwing it out there so you can make a descision yourself.

I haven't used any of the engines for Iphone development, but i like Unity3D more than Shiva (a bug in you code? unity displays a warning error, or debug info, but Shiva crashes!!!) anyway Torque seems like a good idea, and im pretty sure that Torque includes souce (not sure) that will help you learn.

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Sounds like a Whacka-a-Mole type game, right? That sort of thing could be done in a UIView with UIView animations pretty easily. You shouldn't need a whole engine unless you are planning to do more than one game, or have physics or online stuff. For something this simple(if it is indeed a small project like it sounds) you might just be adding a whole extra layer of complexity/stuff to learn.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure the UIView animation has a callback onAnimationFinished that passes a BOOL for whether or not the animation was finished. Meaning, you could start an animation [UIView beginAnimations], and if the player taps, start a new animation, then the first animmation's done callback would call with the finished param as false.

A bit about the engines. I've used Torque(2D and 3D) for the iPhone, and the source is definitely included. For the 2d though, it comes out to $750 total if you don't already have the PC license, and the the initial setup can be a bit daunting if you haven't used the iPhone or Torque products before, so I wouldn't recommend you use it for your first project.

[Edited by - NinjaMonkeyPirate on December 24, 2009 4:01:49 PM]

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Hi NinjaMonkeyPirate

Thanks for your reply.
since i am a newbie to iphone development ,i am not clearly get your logic.

But , i foll0wed similar logic you said , that as

i added the images to UIImageView's instances , and getting animation.
and calling [imageView startAnimation] - to Start animation , and
[imageView isAnimating] to know is animation completed or not .and i am detecting touch event on it also.

but i am getting problem in how to use timers , to know if hit occurs or not,
and to restart timer if touch correctly before animation completion.

can you give me the idea , how i use the timers to get my game logic.

am i foll0wing correct way or not..if not can u please suggest a good way to do my game ....in a detailed manner.

thanks in advance.

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