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Rotation issues

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I'm quite new to flash, and i was trying to make an object move to where i click. not just moving there in a straight line, but by turning its direction. i have this working quite well, but it still has 2 flaws. one small flaw, that if you make a certain (large) angle between the object's direction and the direction it needs to move to, it will turn the other way around (instead of the other, shorter way). the second flaw is that, when you click nearly horizontal left of the object, it starts moving in the shape of an "8" in the opposite direction. this is the code i use, i hope something could help me with this. Thanks for reading, Jurrien.
onClipEvent (load) {
	xto = _x+1;
	yto = _y+1;
	dir = 1;
	dirto = 0;
	rotspeed = 10;
	speed = 10;
	dis = Math.sqrt(((xto-_x)*(xto-_x))+((yto-_y)*(yto-_y)))
onClipEvent (mouseDown) {
	xto = _root._xmouse;
	yto = _root._ymouse;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	dis = Math.sqrt(((xto-_x)*(xto-_x))+((yto-_y)*(yto-_y)));
	if (dis>10) {
		dirto = Math.atan2(yto-_y, xto-_x)/(Math.PI/180);
		if (dir>180 and dirto<dir-180) {
			dirto -= 360;
		if (dir<180 and dirto>dir+180) {
			dirto += 360;
		if (dir>dirto) {
			dir -= Math.min(dir - dirto, rotspeed);
		if (dir<dirto) {
			dir += Math.min(dirto - dir, rotspeed);
		_rotation = dir;
		_x += Math.cos(dir*Math.PI/180)*speed;
		_y += Math.sin(dir*Math.PI/180)*speed;

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