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Collision Detection in BlitzBasic 3D

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So, I'm trying to modify the castle demo that came with the program so that there are AI characters(copies of the main players model) that move around randomly. Also I'm trying to get it so that when you 'shoot' an AI, it disappears. Here's the code, in full, that I've got so far: <code> Const FPS=30 Graphics3D 400,400 Global shoot=Load3DSound( "sounds\shoot.wav" ) Global boom=Load3DSound( "sounds\boom.wav" ) SoundVolume boom,.5 Type Player Field entity,model Field anim_speed#,player_y#,roll# End Type Type Ai ;Field kind% = 0 ;Field level% = 0 Field x_position# = 0 Field y_position# = 0 Field z_position# = 0 Field x_speed# = 0 Field z_speed# = 0 Field entity Field model End Type Type ChaseCam Field entity,camera,target,heading,sky End Type Type Spark Field alpha#,sprite End Type Type Bullet Field rot#,sprite,time_out End Type Type Hole Field alpha#,sprite End Type Const TYPE_PLAYER=1,TYPE_BULLET=2,TYPE_TARGET=3,TYPE_AI=4,TYPE_SCENERY=10,TYPE_TERRAIN=11 Collisions TYPE_PLAYER,TYPE_TERRAIN,2,3 Collisions TYPE_PLAYER,TYPE_SCENERY,2,2 Collisions TYPE_BULLET,TYPE_TERRAIN,2,1 Collisions TYPE_BULLET,TYPE_SCENERY,2,1 Collisions TYPE_BULLET,TYPE_AI,2,1 Collisions TYPE_TARGET,TYPE_TERRAIN,2,2 Collisions TYPE_TARGET,TYPE_SCENERY,2,2 Global light,castle,land,ground,water,sky Global spark_sprite,bull_sprite,player_model,hole_sprite,tree_sprite Global water_level=-98,bull_x#=1.5 entity=Setup() ChangeDir "environ" LoadEnviron( "terrain-1.jpg","water-2_mip.bmp","sky","heightmap_256.bmp" ) ChangeDir "..\" player1.Player=CreatePlayer( 0,10,0 ) camera1.ChaseCam=CreateChaseCam( player1\entity ) Q=0 SeedRnd(MilliSecs()) While Q<=50 ai.Ai=CreateAi(entity,Rand(-1000,1000),TerrainY(land, tx, 0, tz),Rand(-1000,1000)) Q=Q+1 Wend period=1000/FPS time=MilliSecs()-period listener=CreateListener( player1\entity,.1,1,.2 ) While Not KeyHit(1) If KeyHit(17) wire=Not wire Wireframe wire EndIf Repeat elapsed=MilliSecs()-time Until elapsed ;how many 'frames' have elapsed ticks=elapsed/period ;fractional remainder tween#=Float(elapsed Mod period)/Float(period) For k=1 To ticks time=time+period If k=ticks Then CaptureWorld UpdateGame() UpdateWorld PositionEntity water,Sin(time*.01)*10,water_level+Sin(time*.05)*.5,Cos(time*.02)*10 For c.ChaseCam=Each ChaseCam UpdateChaseCam( c ) PositionEntity sky,EntityX(c\camera),EntityY(c\camera),EntityZ(c\camera) Next Next RenderWorld tween Flip Wend End Function CreateAi.Ai(entity,x#,y#,z# ) p.Ai=New Ai p\entity=CreatePivot() p\model=CopyEntity(entity,p\entity) PositionEntity p\entity,x,y,z EntityType p\entity,TYPE_AI EntityRadius p\entity,1.5 ResetEntity p\entity p\x_speed=Rnd(-1,1) p\z_speed=Rnd(-1,1) Return p End Function Function UpdateGame() For h.Hole=Each Hole UpdateHole( h ) Next For b.Bullet=Each Bullet UpdateBullet( b ) Next For s.Spark=Each Spark UpdateSpark( s ) Next For p.Player=Each Player UpdatePlayer( p ) Next For a.Ai=Each Ai UpdateAI( a ) Next End Function Function UpdateHole( h.Hole ) h\alpha=h\alpha-.005 If h\alpha>0 EntityAlpha h\sprite,h\alpha Else FreeEntity h\sprite Delete h EndIf End Function Function CreatePlayer.Player( x#,y#,z# ) p.Player=New Player p\entity=CreatePivot() p\model=CopyEntity( player_model,p\entity ) p\player_y=y PositionEntity p\entity,x,y,z EntityType p\entity,TYPE_PLAYER EntityRadius p\entity,1.5 ResetEntity p\entity Return p End Function Function CreateBullet.Bullet( p.Player ) bull_x=-bull_x b.Bullet=New Bullet b\time_out=150 b\sprite=CopyEntity( bull_sprite,p\entity ) TranslateEntity b\sprite,bull_x,1,.25 EntityParent b\sprite,0 EmitSound shoot,b\sprite Return b End Function Function UpdateBullet( b.Bullet ) If CountCollisions( b\sprite ) If EntityCollided( b\sprite,TYPE_TERRAIN) Or EntityCollided(b\sprite, TYPE_SCENERY ) EmitSound boom,b\sprite ex#=EntityX(b\sprite) ey#=EntityY(b\sprite) ez#=EntityZ(b\sprite) TFormPoint( ex,ey,ez,0,land ) hi#=TerrainHeight( land,TFormedX(),TFormedZ() ) If hi>0 Or hi<=0 hi=hi-.02 ModifyTerrain land,TFormedX(),TFormedZ(),hi,True EndIf CreateSpark( b ) FreeEntity b\sprite Delete b Return EndIf If EntityCollided( b\sprite,TYPE_SCENERY ) Or EntityCollided( b\sprite,TYPE_TERRAIN) For k=1 To CountCollisions( b\sprite ) If GetEntityType( CollisionEntity( b\sprite,k ) )=TYPE_SCENERY cx#=CollisionX( b\sprite,k ) cy#=CollisionY( b\sprite,k ) cz#=CollisionZ( b\sprite,k ) nx#=CollisionNX( b\sprite,k ) ny#=CollisionNY( b\sprite,k ) nz#=CollisionNZ( b\sprite,k ) th.Hole=New Hole th\alpha=1 th\sprite=CopyEntity( hole_sprite ) PositionEntity th\sprite,cx,cy,cz AlignToVector th\sprite,-nx,-ny,-nz,3 MoveEntity th\sprite,0,0,-.1 Exit EndIf Next EmitSound boom,b\sprite CreateSpark( b ) FreeEntity b\sprite Delete b Return EndIf If GetEntityType(CollisionEntity(b\sprite,CountCollisions(b\sprite)))=TYPE_AI Text 200,200,"YOU HIT AN AI",True,True ;For Debugging purposes FreeEntity Ai FreeEntity b\Sprite EndIf EndIf b\time_out=b\time_out-1 If b\time_out=0 FreeEntity b\sprite Delete b Return EndIf b\rot=b\rot+30 RotateSprite b\sprite,b\rot MoveEntity b\sprite,0,0,2 End Function Function CreateSpark.Spark( b.Bullet ) s.Spark=New Spark s\alpha=-90 s\sprite=CopyEntity( spark_sprite,b\sprite ) EntityParent s\sprite,0 Return s End Function Function UpdateSpark( s.Spark ) If s\alpha<270 sz#=Sin(s\alpha)*5+5 ScaleSprite s\sprite,sz,sz RotateSprite s\sprite,Rnd(360) s\alpha=s\alpha+15 Else FreeEntity s\sprite Delete s EndIf End Function Function UpdatePlayer( p.Player ) If KeyDown(56) ;fire... Left Alt CreateBullet( p ) EndIf If KeyDown(203) ;left/right TurnEntity p\entity,0,6,0 ;turn player left/right Else If KeyDown(205) TurnEntity p\entity,0,-6,0 EndIf If KeyDown(30) ;forward A button If p\anim_speed<=0 p\anim_speed=1.75 Animate p\model,1,p\anim_speed EndIf MoveEntity p\entity,0,0,1 Else If KeyDown(44) ;back Z button If p\anim_speed>=0 p\anim_speed=-1.75 Animate p\model,1,p\anim_speed EndIf MoveEntity p\entity,0,0,-1 Else If p\anim_speed ;stop animating p\anim_speed=0 Animate p\model,0 EndIf ty#=EntityY(p\entity) y_vel#=(ty-p\player_y) p\player_y=ty If KeyDown (57) ;jump... Space y_vel=5 ;2.4 Else y_vel=y_vel-.5 ;2 EndIf TranslateEntity p\entity,0,y_vel,0 End Function Function CreateChaseCam.ChaseCam( entity ) c.ChaseCam=New ChaseCam c\entity=entity c\camera=CreateCamera() c\target=CreatePivot( entity ) PositionEntity c\target,0,3,-10 EntityType c\target,TYPE_TARGET c\heading=CreatePivot( entity ) PositionEntity c\heading,0,0,20 c\sky=CopyEntity( sky ) Return End Function Function UpdateChaseCam( c.ChaseCam ) If KeyDown(200) TranslateEntity c\heading,0,-3,0 Else If KeyDown(208) TranslateEntity c\heading,0,+3,0 EndIf dx#=EntityX(c\target,True)-EntityX(c\camera,True) dy#=EntityY(c\target,True)-EntityY(c\camera,True) dz#=EntityZ(c\target,True)-EntityZ(c\camera,True) TranslateEntity c\camera,dx#,dy#,dz# PointEntity c\camera,c\heading PositionEntity c\target,0,0,0 ResetEntity c\target PositionEntity c\target,0,3,-10 PositionEntity c\sky,EntityX(c\camera),EntityY(c\camera),EntityZ(c\camera) End Function Function LoadEnviron( land_tex$,water_tex$,sky_tex$,height_map$ ) light=CreateLight() TurnEntity light,45,45,0 land_tex=LoadTexture( land_tex$,1 ) ScaleTexture land_tex,10,10 land=LoadTerrain( height_map$ ) EntityTexture land,land_tex TerrainShading land,True PositionEntity land,-1000,-100,-1000 ScaleEntity land,2000.0/256,100,2000.0/256 EntityType land,TYPE_TERRAIN TerrainDetail land,750,True For k=1 To n_trees Repeat tx#=Rnd(-1000,1000) tz#=Rnd(-1000,1000) ty#=TerrainY(land, tx, 0, tz) Until ty>=water_level Or ty<water_level t=CopyEntity( tree_sprite ) PositionEntity t,tx,ty,tz ScaleSprite t,Rand(2,3),Rand(4,6) Next ground=CreatePlane() EntityTexture ground,land_tex PositionEntity ground,0,-100,0 EntityOrder ground,9 water_tex=LoadTexture( water_tex$,3 ) ScaleTexture water_tex,20,20 water=CreatePlane() EntityTexture water,water_tex PositionEntity water,0,water_level,0 sky=LoadSkyBox( sky_tex$ ) EntityOrder sky,10 HideEntity sky End Function Function LoadSkyBox( file$ ) m=CreateMesh() ;front face b=LoadBrush( file$+"_FR.jpg",49 ) s=CreateSurface( m,b ) AddVertex s,-1,+1,-1,0,0:AddVertex s,+1,+1,-1,1,0 AddVertex s,+1,-1,-1,1,1:AddVertex s,-1,-1,-1,0,1 AddTriangle s,0,1,2:AddTriangle s,0,2,3: FreeBrush b ;right face b=LoadBrush( file$+"_LF.jpg",49 ) s=CreateSurface( m,b ) AddVertex s,+1,+1,-1,0,0:AddVertex s,+1,+1,+1,1,0 AddVertex s,+1,-1,+1,1,1:AddVertex s,+1,-1,-1,0,1 AddTriangle s,0,1,2:AddTriangle s,0,2,3 FreeBrush b ;back face b=LoadBrush( file$+"_BK.jpg",49 ) s=CreateSurface( m,b ) AddVertex s,+1,+1,+1,0,0:AddVertex s,-1,+1,+1,1,0 AddVertex s,-1,-1,+1,1,1:AddVertex s,+1,-1,+1,0,1 AddTriangle s,0,1,2:AddTriangle s,0,2,3 FreeBrush b ;left face b=LoadBrush( file$+"_RT.jpg",49 ) s=CreateSurface( m,b ) AddVertex s,-1,+1,+1,0,0:AddVertex s,-1,+1,-1,1,0 AddVertex s,-1,-1,-1,1,1:AddVertex s,-1,-1,+1,0,1 AddTriangle s,0,1,2:AddTriangle s,0,2,3 FreeBrush b ;top face b=LoadBrush( file$+"_UP.jpg",49 ) s=CreateSurface( m,b ) AddVertex s,-1,+1,+1,0,1:AddVertex s,+1,+1,+1,0,0 AddVertex s,+1,+1,-1,1,0:AddVertex s,-1,+1,-1,1,1 AddTriangle s,0,1,2:AddTriangle s,0,2,3 FreeBrush b ;bottom face b=LoadBrush( file$+"_DN.jpg",49 ) s=CreateSurface( m,b ) AddVertex s,-1,-1,-1,1,0:AddVertex s,+1,-1,-1,1,1 AddVertex s,+1,-1,+1,0,1:AddVertex s,-1,-1,+1,0,0 AddTriangle s,0,1,2:AddTriangle s,0,2,3 FreeBrush b ScaleMesh m,100,100,100 FlipMesh m EntityFX m,1 Return m End Function Function Setup() ;Seed Random number generator SeedRnd MilliSecs() castle=LoadMesh( "castle\castle1.x" ) ScaleEntity castle,.15,.15,.15 EntityType castle,TYPE_SCENERY player_model=LoadAnimMesh( "markio\mariorun.x" ) ScaleEntity player_model,.2,.2,.2 TranslateEntity player_model,0,-1.25,0 HideEntity player_model spark_sprite=LoadSprite( "sprites\bigspark.bmp" ) HideEntity spark_sprite bull_sprite=LoadSprite( "sprites\bluspark.bmp" ) ScaleSprite bull_sprite,3,3 EntityRadius bull_sprite,1.5 EntityType bull_sprite,TYPE_BULLET HideEntity bull_sprite hole_sprite=LoadSprite( "sprites\bullet_hole.bmp",1 ) EntityBlend hole_sprite,2 SpriteViewMode hole_sprite,2 HideEntity hole_sprite tree_sprite=LoadSprite( "sprites\tree.bmp",7 ) HandleSprite tree_sprite,0,-1 ScaleSprite tree_sprite,2,4 PositionEntity tree_sprite,0,0,-100 SpriteViewMode tree_sprite,3 EntityAutoFade tree_sprite,120,150 Ai_Sprite=LoadAnimMesh( "markio\mariorun.x" ) ScaleEntity Ai_Sprite,.2,.2,.2 TranslateEntity Ai_Sprite,0,-1.25,0 HideEntity Ai_Sprite Return Ai_Sprite End Function Function UpdateAI.Ai ( a.Ai ) a\x_position = a\x_position + a\x_speed a\y_position = a\y_position + a\z_speed I = Rnd(0,1000) If (I Mod 45)=0 a\x_speed=Rnd(-1,1) a\z_speed=Rnd(-1,1) EndIf Animate a\model,1 ty=EntityY(a\entity) MoveEntity a\entity,a\x_speed,(ty-TerrainY(land,tx,a\y_position,tz)),a\z_speed </code> The problem is that my collision detection between the AI and the bullet isn't working. Any suggestions?

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