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A problem with 3dsmax for creating a model

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hi i wanna create a vase using 3ds max but when i use "unwrap uvw" , the light looks so strange i think it's a problem with nomal vector but i don't know how to solve it can anyone help me? this's my model in 3dsmax thx

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Either the geometry is corrupted or you're not using the UV-unwrap modifier correctly.
If the geometry is corrupted, you have to rebuild the model. A vase takes about 20 seconds ( create an editable spline in the Front viewport, apply a "Lathe" modifier, and then apply a "Shell" modifier, and then right-click and "Convert to an Editable-Poly", done!)

For unwrapping the UVs, you need a texture that shows the texture-space in a useful way. The common method is to assign a checkerboard pattern to a material and use that to gauge the amount of texture-distortion on the model.

To make a checkerboard material for UV-unwrapping:
Go to the material editor ('M'), pick a new material, make sure the type is "Standard" (default). Find the "Maps" rollout, and the different map types (Ambient Color, Diffuse Color...) and click on the "Diffuse Color" button that says "None". This brings up a list of map types. Choose the 'Checker' type and click OK. It should bring you back to the material editor and show you a lot of options for the checkerboard. Find the "Tiling" spinners and change them both to 32 (or whatever you like. I use 32 usually). This makes the checkboard have 32x32 squares, which you'll need to gauge the "pixel density" of the map as it is seen on the model.

Make sure your object is an Editable-Poly before trying to unwrap it.
Apply a checkerboard material to the vase. Don't be suprised if you don't see a checker pattern on the vase yet, or if it looks weird, that's what unwrapping is for. Add an "Unwrap UVW" modifier to the vase. Press '3' to select the 'Face' sub-object level, and select all the faces (ctrl-A).

Now in the Modifier Panel (on the right) find the Map Parameters rollout and click on the "Cylindrical" button. This uses a cylinder for reference to decide how to map the UV coordinates of the vertices. You can move and rotate the cylinder in the viewport to make the checkerboard pattern show how you want. A faster way is to press the "Align" buttons in that same rollout. I had to use 'Align Y' for my example vase (and 'Fit'). BE SURE TO CLICK THE "Cylindrical" button a second time so 3dsMax knows you're done with the cylinder.

My result is this:

Now you can apply an actual texture map and bask in the glory of your UV-unwrapped vase!

[Edited by - Slather on February 17, 2010 12:54:34 AM]

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