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Determining character/entity attributes and nomenclature...

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This is my first post, so please go easy on me guys! I was wondering what makes the most sense when naming a character/entity's attributes in code and in the database. I'm typically a fan of separating the display from the logic and model of my games and applications, and in the game I'm developing an character/entity's health metric is the amount of blood loss they've experienced. Where I'm stuck is the name I should be using for the variables, methods, and database data relating to this metric. Should I leave the name more abstract and simply refer to the information as 'health', until it is displayed to the user as 'blood loss', or would it make more sense to simply call this the same thing as when it is displayed to the end user. I know this seems like something trivial, but these sorts of things are never easy to fix retroactively, even if they should be.

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