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ID3DX10Mesh initialization!

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So.. I was hoping I could get some steps to having a mesh in renderable form.. I don't mean in code or anything just like.. what it seems to me so far would be: 1. Parse the mesh file 2. Get the vertices/texture coordinates/etc into arrays in memory 3. Set the vertex data to those vertices/etc 4. Use the draw subset command(?) I'm absolutely positive I'm leaving something out here.. on a side note I was wondering if ID3DX10Meshes were renderable without index data.. So just maybe some general information on the steps and what you can and can't do/any beginner mistakes. I've looked around but haven't seen any steps or pseudo-code to this.. Anything and everything including links would be helpful, and thanks ahead of time! Edit: While I'm at it I can't for the life of me get the debug library to work, it is linked and such and I do have the correct flags for the CreateDeviceAndSwapChain() method however I don't recieve any messages. Also, in the Control Panel for the SDK "Force On" is disabled.. [Edited by - aqez on December 26, 2009 11:57:16 PM]

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