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Looking for a commercial or freeware 2D game engine

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Greetings Gamedev community, I am a designer by profession and will not pretend to know alot (or almost anything) about programming. I do know some HTML but I assume that it wont be useful for creating games. For the past few years I've thought about creating a simple 2D point and click adventure game. By simple I mean: there is a character, I click on the screen, he goes to where I click, he interacts with a object, has to pick another object up, take it to point X etc (like good old Monkey Island, Sam and Max etc). Are there any easy to use freeware or commercial gaming engines out there that would allow me to create such a game without prior programming knowledge? Suggestions for which software to use are highly welcome. If possible please mention what are the pros and cons of the software you are suggesting. I am quite confident that there is such a software out there. Seeing that the past 10 years have made software/graphics development easier in many ways. Thank you to all of you and enjoy the holidays :)

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