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Implementing Velocity Obstacles

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Hi all, I have somewhat of a broad question for you. I'm currently doing my dissertation work based on crowd simulations and realism within these simulations. One of the foundation of my work is to implement a system to ensure my agents dont walk into each other, and can navigate both dense and sparse crowds. For this I have chosen to implement velocity obstacles, but am just ocming up against brick walls with my attempts to implement them. I understand the concept, and what needs to be done, but understanding the mathmatical formulas presented and implementing them as eluding me. As I am very far past my deadline for having this part of the project implemented I have decided to throw the towel in and ask for some direction and pointers as to how I should be implementing them. The initial velocity obstacle concept was presented in the paper "motion planning in dynamic environments using velocity obstacles" (Fiorini, Shiller, 1998), and the specific type I am attempting to implement is a slight modification on this concept, presented in the paper "Reciprocal velocity obstacles for real-time multi-agent navigation" (Berg, Lin, Manocha). The reciprocal velocity paper does come with workin software which I am trying to understand, however the source code does not make for easy reading. Thanks for any help. Scott

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