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Hex Numbers... O_o

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Hex -> Decimal system conversion table:
A -> 10
B -> 11
C -> 12
D -> 13
E -> 14
F -> 15

But 10 in hexadecimal means (1 * 16 + 0)=16 in decimal system thus SIXTEEN.
The same for 11 in hexadecimal that is (1 * 16 + 1)=16 in decimal system thus SEVENTEEN.

In hexadecimal (and also in binary or octal systems) you should read each digt/letter by itself starting from left.
To convert hexadecimal values to decimal numbers you just have to sum all digits/letter multiplied each for a 16 factor (2 in binary, 8 in octal) power by position (0 is power of most right digit/letter, 1 is power of the second most right digit/letter and so on).

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