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Drawing a sprite on a texture

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Here is my situation... I am writing a 2D tile-based RPG game, only using the Sprite class from MDX(C#.) Each tile is 16x16 in size, and I think it is a waste of process if i have to draw 225(15 tiles x 15 tiles) tiles for every single frame. So I am trying to print the entire tile map into one huge surface while loading a map, and just copy-and-paste a portion of the surface to a device. I know a texture is not a canvas, but since the Sprite class only takes a "texture" as a source, I guess I'll have to draw on a texture. What is the best way to accomplish this? sprite.draw( a texture, rectangle, vector, vector, color ); [ ][ ][ ] | | [ ][ ][ ] -> | | [ ][ ][ ] | |

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