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kHED 1.1 (low-poly model editor)

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A list of changes in 1.1: - Added an ability to change kHED configuration (colors, grid settings, behavior etc.) - Added 3D Studio file format support (*.3ds). - Added Duplicate function. - Added Invert Local Selection function, that inverts selection only inside of a group. - Added Autosave function, that can restore your work after kHED or system crash. - Improved 3D window: -- three buttons to 1) rotate around origin, 2) rotate around selection center, 3) fly in 3D Look mode; -- smoothed movement in 3D Look mode; -- more convenient zoom and pan; - Added numpad shortcuts to change view projection. - Added more information to the Model Statistics window. - Added Save and Copy functions in UV Editor, that can help you draw the texture. - Added allways visible vertex/triangle counter. - Added Edit Background Image function. - Added Show Wireframe option in UV Editor. - Added Snap to 45° function (activated by special key). - Added Close Outline function in Loft Tool - kHED now remembers last directory for each action (open, save, import, save UV etc.) - Added crosshair when Snap To Grid is enabled (optional). - Added Face To Front option in Polygon Tool. - Added Fit All, Fit Selection functions. - A lot of fixed bugs. Screenshots:

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