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In what order are the polygons in a VBO drawn?

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Yet another tile engine question... Each tile map in my engine is composed of one or more tile layers. The naive way to do this is to draw tile layer 0 (the bottom-most layer) followed by layer 1 and so on by separate calls to glDrawArrays. What I'd much rather do is combine all of them into a single VBO and simply draw that. The problem I see is that since I'm using alpha blending, depth testing is turned off. This precludes me from specifying separate z coordinates for each layer. What I'm wondering is how the array is parsed and drawn. Is it done linearly, from element 0 to element n or by some other method? If I were to set tile layer 0 as elements 0 to a and layer 1 and elements a to b and so on, would the layers be drawn correctly? [Edited by - maspeir on December 29, 2009 3:27:10 PM]

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