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alex mcandrew

passing surfacename in function

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Hi, I am developing a crude graphics engine in VB. I am currently writing code to load and display bitmaps. However, I am having troubles passing the name of a new surface to a function. Check out the code below: ---------- Sub Game_Loop() Call Load_Bitmap(16, 16, Tile_Dirt, "/tile1.bmp") Call Draw_Bitmap(100, 100, Tile_Dirt) End Sub Sub Load_Bitmap(Width As Integer, Height As Integer, Bitmap_Surface_Name As DirectDrawSurface7, Bitmap_Path As String) Dim Bitmap_Surface_Name As DirectDrawSurface7 Set Bitmap_Surface_Name = Nothing ddsd2.lFlags = DDSD_CAPS Or DDSD_HEIGHT Or DDSD_WIDTH 'default flags ddsd2.ddsCaps.lCaps = DDSCAPS_OFFSCREENPLAIN ddsd2.lWidth = Width ddsd2.lHeight = Height 'this is where the surface is created. You use the DDraw object to create a 'surface from the specified file name using the above description. Set Bitmap_Surface_Name = dd.CreateSurfaceFromFile(App.Path & Bitmap_Path, ddsd2) End Sub Sub Draw_Bitmap(X_Coor As Integer, Y_Coor As Integer, Surface_Name As DirectDrawSurface7) Dim ddrval As Long rBack.Bottom = ddsd3.lHeight rBack.Right = ddsd3.lWidth ddrval = backbuffer.BltFast(X_Coor, Y_Coor, Surface_Name, rBack, DDBLTFAST_WAIT) End Sub ---------- When the application launches I receive an error message saying "Variable not decfined" referring to Tile_Dirt from these lines of code: Call Load_Bitmap(16, 16, Tile_Dirt, "/tile1.bmp") Call Draw_Bitmap(100, 100, Tile_Dirt) This is probably just a basic programming question, but I need to know how to pass the surface name to these functions. Thanks a lot! Alexander Edited by - alex mcandrew on July 28, 2001 6:17:19 PM

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