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Direct Draw and MFC

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jaxson    127
Well, since MFC uses the GDI to draw everything, you''ll probably have a bunch of problems unless you make a lot of custom controls that implement their own ways of handling erase background, draw item, and paint messages.

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S1CA    1418
There aren''t any problems with DDraw and MFC - theres even samples in the SDK demonstrating using the two together (DX8 its D3D which contains DDraw and in <=DX7 the samples show actual DDraw)

If you mean use MFC controls in a fullscreen exclusive environment, then forget it - as the poster above says they''re all GDI drawn.

If you mean the other way round where a DDraw surface is drawn onto an MFC control in a windowed mode app, thats not a problem. The control is still a window which you can draw on top of.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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