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Copying a stream?

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Lately I''ve been assembling a virtual file system lib called Pakit(thats the package name). It use the extention of pak and directly propbably isnt compatible with anything else. It has support for : - Unlimited directory depth - entry''s of up to 4 gigs in size. - fast(ish) parsing times. - Complex filter support,allows decompression/decryption or compression/encryption streams to used transparently. - several demos, 1 - Views compiled archives 2 - Archives an entire directory with compression/encryption optional - Design-time components to simply development 1 - TEmbeddedPakFile, If the pak file is stored in the exe : Embedding a Pak file into an exe, extacted as a temp file at run-time. else the pak file with a gived name is open at run-time 2 - TPakFileCollection, A collection of pak files unifying them into a Virtual file system. Todo : - Add better root directory management - Have the File Type of a pak item actually mean something to the pak file loader. However currently you can assign the data from one TPakItem to another. This is the problem, as the TPakItem is essentially a wrapper around the data stream at its very heart. A generic TStream object encaulates what ever data the object might contain. The Stream property can be nil if no data was loaded by the pakfile loader. So when I assign the stream property what type of actions should I do to it. I''d prefere not to have to pull it, but if I cant see any reliable was to copy the stream I''ll have to pull it The stream can be set by the user to allow data from files/ streams to be loaded into the pak file. I dont want to just copy the memory as this would rapidly eat up mb. Any comments?

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