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[dxaudio] Why does it hang?

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I''m working on the sound engine for a game using DXAudio (Dx8) and all I have are the initialization functions. I did a basic WinMain to make sure the constructor would work right, and it seemed to run fine. That''s when I remembered that I hadn''t put any error trapping in the DX Audio Init portion, and when I added a result-catching HRESULT and error checking, it started to hang in the init. Here''s the callstack that seems relevant: DMIME! 7730e440() CSoundEngine::DirectXAudioInit() line 78 + 37 bytes CSoundEngine::CSoundEngine() line 20 + 8 bytes I created a global pointer to CSoundEngine, and then inside WinMain, to initialize it, I use pSoundEngine=new CSoundEngine; Any ideas? -- WNDCLASSEX Reality; ... ... Reality.lpfnWndProc=ComputerGames; ... ... RegisterClassEx(&Reality); Unable to register Reality...what''s wrong? --------- Dan Upton Lead Designer WolfHeart Software

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