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Getting coordinates from a matrix

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Pactuul    122
The x,y,z are in the 4 row, columns 1,2, and 3, respectively

example in a D3DXMATRIX tempmatrix;
x = tempmatrix._41;
y = tempmatrix._42;
z = tempmatrix._43;



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VincentLascaux    112
A matrice represent a function (a linear function). The goal of your position matrice is to transform some coordinates (the one of your model) into other coordinates (the one that you will show). To get the image''s coordinates of a point, you just have to multiply the matrice by the point.

So, what do you mean by ''coordinate of position matrice'' ?
I think that your model is centered in (0,0,0) and that you want to know where will be the center when it''ll be rendered. The answer is Position*(0,0,0) (or Position*(0,0,0,1) because the vector have 4 coordinates with DirectX)

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