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DirectX headers included on Delphi 6 companion CD...

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I have just found out that Borland have included the DirectX header conversions from Erik Unger and Tim Baumgarten onto the Delphi 6 companion CD under JEDI ( Woo hoo, victory at last ). I will be organising to get most of the JEDI-DirectXExamples ( ) and JEDI-SDL ( ) as well as JEDI-JWars( ) and JEDI-IsoAxEE( ), included on the next Companion CD for Delphi and Kylix. So if you are interested in getting some of your work on the Companion CD so that other Game Developers can benefit from your experience and help make Delphi one of the premier tools for game development, please get in contact with me. Thanks, Dominique

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