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uncompressed tga w/ alpha channel

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RPGman    122
Can anyone help me with making a TGA in psp7? i need to make an uncompressed tga with an alpha channel, and i dunno how to. can anyone help me? please?

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Dragonus    122
In Photoshop 7, load/create a TGA image. The TGA image will come in with 3 channels: red, gree, blue. You have to define your own Alpha channel. To do this, go to the bottom left screen with the "Channels" tab and click on "New Channel". It will create the "Alpha 1" channel. (You can leave it like that or rename it to "Alpha" -- whichever you like. ) Double-click it, and make sure the "Selected Areas" option is bubbled in, and that the colour is black with opacity 0%.

Anywho, the alpha channel is represented by a black-to-white spectrum of colours. If I remember right, black = 0.0 (integer 0) in alpha and white = 1.0 (integer 255) in alpha. So objects that you''ll want to be transparent will be black, and objects that appear should be white, or any spectrum colour in between.

When saving, save as a TGA (of course), and make sure that the Alpha Channels check-box is checked. When it asks you for the number of bits/pixel to save to, make sure you say 32.

And that is how you save a TGA with Alpha.

~ Dragonus

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Lord Karnus    122
Here''s how do make an alpha channel in Paint Shop Pro 7

create a new image, it''s easiest with a black background.
Draw the image, remember that solid white will be completely opaque, and black will be completely transparent.
click on "Masks > New > "From Image"
now select "This Window" and "Source Luminance"

click ok.

Now you have a mask that will affect everything you paint on this image for now...
Click Masks > Save to alpha channel
i doesn''t matter what the name of the channel is

in the future if you modify the image, you can get the mask back with Masks > Load from alpha channel

If you have any more questions, contact me

Feel free to email me.

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