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Direct Input problem - Buffered mouse input

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Hi, Im trying to get buffered mouse input working, and basically all I did was copy the code from the DX8 mouse tutorial (in the sdk help files). Anyways, everything seems to be working fine, but when I go to look at the data returned by dinput with regards to mouse movement, it gives values like this: dwOfs = 0 (x-axis movement) dwData = 4294967295 - how do I interpret this? dwTimeStamp = 59666463 dwSequence = 3729940745 None of those values make any sense for me, or for my app, to use. In the DX8 sample mouse app, it doesn''t seem to do anything special with the data it gets, it just prints it into a formatted string. The string it displays at the bottom is like x:8 y:2 etc, in other words pixel movement, how is it doing this? Thanks, Tom

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