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Wanted: Interface artists and modelers for an IGF Student Game

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I am looking for several people to help out in making a game that I plan on entering into the IGF under the Student division. The game concept is an overhead space shooter with Role-Playing elements mixed in. I won''t go into detail right now what all that entails, however you can expect an involved story, missions, massive space exploration, and plenty of different kinds of ships and ship upgrades. The engine is moving along nicely, and now I am in search of artists and writers to help pave the way. I am now at a crucial portion of the engine design and programming where I especially need interface art. If you are good at interface design, and would be interested in a project like this please e-mail me at wardekar@hotmail.com. I will fill you in with more details as per your request. After this is entered into the IGF, I plan on pursuing a budget publisher, and although I can''t make promises I feel that it is likely that it will be picked up. Also if you are a good writer and would like to help out, please e-mail me. PLEASE SEND EXAMPLES WITH THE E-MAILS for both artists and writers! The art style I''m looking for is a futuristic "bleak" look. The entire game interfaces should all have the same style to them, I have a basic idea on how I want them to look however you will also be given an opportunity to share your ideas. As for the gameplay art, there will obviously be ships, which I would like to be pre-rendered, and will require probably around 10 atleast. Enemy ships will vary from organic aliens to various other kinds. You do not have to be able to do every kind of art required however, as I am in search of more than one artist. Anyone interested please e-mail me at wardekar@hotmail.com. Keep in mind I am very serious about this project, and I expect to see work being done, as you should expect to see from me as well. I usually have nightly builds and will be able to implement any art I receive within at most a week usually. Thanks. ~WarDekar

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