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netbus tech

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ok, i want my game server to be able to launch an application on one of the clients remotely, which is kinda like the netbus. the things is, i know how to do the net work stuff, but i just have no clue how to use the windows commands to launch applications, at least that''s what i think how it works. maybe i was wrong, im just guessing, so if you understand the netbus technology(i watch too much startreck), please help the brother out

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Guest Anonymous Poster
ShellExecute IS part of the win32 API.

(link shellapi.lib)

BOOL ShellExecuteEx(

If you are programming windows you probably have access to online help to see the SHELLEXECUTEINFO structure, so I''m not going to post it here, seeing as how MS won''t like me copying straight from MSDN.
This call is the accepted standard way to spawn executables in win32 environments for the purpose you describe.

Hope this helps,


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You can also use the WinExec() function:

UINT WinExec(
LPCSTR lpCmdLine, // address of command line

UINT uCmdShow // window style for new application



Courtesy of Microsoft

It is mainly for 16-bit code though. You can use it, but Microsoft recommends you use CreateProcess() for 32-bit.

Check out the MSDN help for more information.

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