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basic 2d image effect - blending, feedback?

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hello y'all, i would like to implement a probably very basic effect which was used a lot in demos (and games) a long time ago but i am not sure what this effect is called, neither do i exactly know how to implement it ... i'll try explain what i want to achieve: i start from a surface with a solid color (in this case the backbuffer cleared with some color). now by having objects (rendered with a different color) passing by in front of it i want the surface to get something like scratches in this different color or that the objects leave traces (those don't have to be with soft edges) on it. and when i stop those objects to move i want the solid color of the surface in the spots where those traces are slowly get restored. i guess in the old days it had something to do with not clearing the backbuffer or storing (copying) the current backbuffer before swapping and then blending this image with the new frame. was it called feeback effect??? i don't know ... back in the day they cannot have used programmable shading so i would be interested in how to do this via the FFP or via shaders. sorry, if there seems to be a really obvious solution to this very basic problem. but right now i am stuck with and i am still starting to learn how to think computer graphics bounds of order to achieve my visualization ... if some of you guyes could shed some light on this topic for me would be great. thanks and regards, didi

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