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Small question about ExecuteString and scriptstring vs. scriptstdstring

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Hi, I just upgraded to version 2.18.1. Gets
int result = m_engine->ExecuteString(0, script, &m_defaultContext, asEXECSTRING_USE_MY_CONTEXT);
replaced by
int result = ExecuteString(m_engine, script, 0, m_defaultContext);
? No need to specify asEXECSTRING_USE_MY_CONTEXT anywhere? And what is the difference between scriptstring and scriptstdstring?

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Indeed. I changed the ExecuteString works when I moved it to a global function. There are no flags any more, which should make it a bit more straight forward.

If you pass in a context pointer to ExecuteString, it will be used by the function. If you do not, then it will create its own context internally.

The difference between scriptstrstring and scriptstring is that the former is the registration of the std::string as a value type, whereas the latter is the registration of a light wrapper of std::string which adds reference counting. Which is the best to use depends mostly only your own preference.

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