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(C++) 1.#IND [How to return this value]

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I need to generate an unsigned int indeterminate value safely, this is to prevent wraparound on operations generating a value which the container cannot hold. I know how to check for one, but I've never created one. I'm thinking it's a specific bitfield but for the life of me can't find it. For instance... unsigned int DoThing(unsigned int A) { if(A > 1) return [1.#IND]; return A*UINT_MAX; } Thanks!

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If memory serves me corerctly, 1.#IND means "Quiet NaN". According to Wikipedia


A bit-wise example of a IEEE floating-point standard single precision NaN: x111 1111 1axx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx where x means don't care. If a = 1, it is a quiet NaN, otherwise it is a signalling NaN.

Since you want a Quiet NaN, you'll want to set a=1. So:

x111 1111 11xx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Thus you'll want bits 22-30 to be 1, the rest doesn't matter. Therefore, given some floating point number f, you can just OR it with 0x7FC00000

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How about

#include <stdexcept>

unsigned int DoThing(unsigned int A)
if (A > 1) throw std::invalid_argument("A must be greater than 1");
return -A;

Did I get the return value right? :)

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