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assembly div/mul confusion

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heey all, this week I started coding is assembly again (not anything intresting tough) but i'm having trubble understanding the 'div' and 'mul' instructions. I understand 'add' and 'sub' add ax, bx ; add bx to ax I understand that this: mov ax, 10 ; move 10 into ax mov bx, 2 ; mov 2 into bx mul bx ; multiply ax with bx ofcource the result is 20 but where is the result stored? And a second question: Does it make a difference if it are 8-bit values instead of 16-bit values? I mean where the result is stored? mov al, 10 ; move 10 into al mov bl, 2 ; mov 2 into bl mul bl ; multiply al with bl thanks in advance, assainator

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