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Copying raw depth from FBO to backbuffer

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My render loop currently looks like this: 1) Render solid geometry to an FBO. 2) Copy the fbo to the back buffer using a flat quad, with outline post-process 3) Render the particles. The problem is that I can't get step 2 to copy depth as well as color. I want the particles to be occluded by the geometry that was rendered in step one, but even writing the depth directly with gl_FragDepth doesn't seem to work. zDepth is calculated as: gl_FragDepth = (z + 1.0) * (1.0 / 200.0) both the solid geometry and particle shaders used in steps 1 and 3, and in the post process shader I do this when I render the fbo quad across the screen: gl_FragDepth = texture2D(depthTexture, texCoord).r; I assumed that would take whatever raw result came from step 1 and shove it into the back buffer, but that doesn't appear to be the case. There is definitely depth in the depth texture as I get outlining (I also rendered the depth texture as color to visually ensure it was linear), but the particles are not being occluded at all. Are there any gotchas I should be aware of when trying to do this?

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