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[Cairo] 'Grouping' draw instructions

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I'm playing around with Cairo lately and want to do the following: Loading a number of SVG files and place these onto the screen at a certain offset. It must be possible to scale everything up or down. So, I build the loading script and I put each SVG vector image onto a new surface, then using composition I can draw these onto the main surface and load / draw this with OpenGL. However, when scaling the main surface, the SVG surfaces get unsharp! So apparently it somehow rasterizes it? I prefer to keep it vectorized when loaded from an SVG file, so I must somehow put the draw instructions of an SVG file into an object, and draw this object at some position and scale on the main surface. What is the way in Cairo to "record" the draw instructions done by librsvg, so I can draw it at any scale / position later on, to the main surface? Thanks! PS: the alternative is loading the SVG files every time I want to scale things up, I rather circumvent this...

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